Lectures on Homotopy Theory

The links below are to pdf files, which comprise my lecture notes for a first course on Homotopy Theory.

The course material is widely applicable in Topology, Geometry, Number Theory, Mathematical Physics, and some forms of data analysis.

This collection of files is the basic source material for the course, and this page is an outline of the course contents. In practice, some of this is elective - I usually don't get much beyond proving the Hurewicz Theorem in classroom lectures.

Despite the titles, each of the files covers much more material than one can usually present in a single lecture.

More detail on topics covered here can be found in the Goerss-Jardine book Simplicial Homotopy Theory, which appears in the References.

J.F. Jardine

E-mail: jardine@uwo.ca

Homotopy theories

Stable homotopy theory: first steps